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Celebrate Learning: Principal Serenades Students and Staff

February 22, 2013

When the Emma C. Chase Elementary School Principal began in his new position earlier this year, he brought with him a hidden talent that quickly endeared him to the school community. Principal Bill Frandino celebrates learning through music

As it turns out, Bill Frandino is a professional singer, songwriter and musician. With a lifetime of performing and recording original songs behind him, Mr. Frandino is focusing his talents to help support the educational process and add some fun to everyday learning.

“I come from a family of musicians,” said Mr. Frandino, who is well-known in the music scene in upstate New York and Vermont along with his three older brothers. “I encourage my staff and students to sing in class as a positive way to celebrate life and learning.”

Mr. Frandino began sharing his music by periodically visiting classrooms each week during the first two months of schools. Then a colleague suggested a Friday morning sing-a-long as a way for all classes to participate. The new undertaking began in December and has flourished ever since. Now, on any given Friday morning after the announcements, a chorus of voices can be heard echoing through the hallways. Each week, a song theme for that specific time of year is featured. In addition, many of the musical selections are thoughtfully connected to current events and/or classroom learning.

As for Mr. Frandino’s professional music endeavors, they are not finished yet. He plans to release his full-length CD “Return” later this year.

Photo: Chase Principal Bill Frandino leads a Friday morning sing-a-long while his secretary, Lucy Jessup, positions the handset of the intercom system. Also pictured are fifth-graders John Creighton and Ariana Kendrick.

Listen and Learn 

Instead of giving a holiday card to his staff members, Principal Frandino created a CD with seasonal selections and original children’s songs. CLICK HERE to listen to the “Orr Fish” song. Chase students helped compose some of the song lyrics.