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Kaila and Gino HunterCooke students have a “Pawsitive Attitude”

February 15, 2013

The students at George L. Cooke Elementary School have been practicing the PBIS value of having a “Pawsitive Attitude” from September to December. They celebrated by being treated to an ice cream celebration.

The following students were honored for exhibiting an exceptional "Pawsitive Attitude:" Angela Toro, Ashanti Brooks, Basel Yousef, Blayre Carnell, Breanna Fischer, Carlos Rodriguez-Murcia, Carson Somers, Daniel Rivera, Daniel Seminario, Delilah Vasquez, Demetrius Edwards, Derrick Bonano, Diamond Hendrickson, Elizabeth Quinones, Ellyza OCampo, Eric Sanchez-Surman, Erik Dennis, Faith Sanders, Gabriela Cilia, George Nevins, Gianna Williams, Gino Hunter, Henry Martinez-Dominguez, Issaias Taylor-Ukoidemabia, Ja’juan Swasey, Jenna Hendrix, Kaila Hunter, Kassidy Sanders, Carson and Jennifer Somers with Angela ToroKayla Colon, Kevin Cerda, Leah Taggart, Lucas Roman, Maddison Ames Shaw, Madelyn Brodowsky, Makyha Murray, Marissa Navas, MysticLynn Brown, Nasim Johnson, Richie Padilla, Roger Fairweather, Shane Dennis, Shelby Taggart, Tatiana Rebolledo, Taylor Sherota, Yamillette Escobar, Zilean Bolton

Top photo: Kaila Hunter and Gino Hunter who off their certificates -- and their love of ice cream!

Bottom photo: Carson Somers and Angela Toro are all smiles with Jennifer Somers.