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First graders record digital stories about healthy habits

January 17, 2013

First graders at KLR recently published digital stories about healthy habits using Little Bird Tales, an application where students are able to record and illustrate their stories.

The first graders each thought about an important healthy habit. They also thought about what their illustrations would be: exercise, eating healthy, and having good hygiene.

After they finished writing and creating illustrations, Technology Coach Donna Meehan helped students take a picture with an iPad and had the students record their stories into the iPad using the Little Bird application.

When they finished their Little Bird Tales, the first graders excitedly watched and listened to their healthy habits stories together. They also submitted their Little Bird Tales to be a part of public tales for all to see.

View the healthy habits stories:

Miss Galligan's class

Mrs. Kozachuk's class

Mrs. Nicoletti's class

Mrs. PuaPuaga's class

Mrs. Shope's class