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Board of Education Recognition Awards

January 15, 2013

The January 10, 2013 Board of Education Awards recognizes those individuals who make a commitment to our students and our schools - Daniel A. Teplesky, SuperintendentBOE Awards

Commitment to our Students and Schools

Community Members

David Dunlap
Dave Dunlap is the husband of Corrinne Dunlap, a teacher aide in the high school. He is always very involved when his wife does a project or takes a trip with her class and he is able to contribute in some way. Dave owns Hilltop Homes Inc. and does construction for a living. He was generous enough to come to the high school and design a working classroom for our new Career Readiness Program. His expertise and skills were put to use as well as his connections with Home Depot. Together with the managers at Home Depot, they put together a functioning kitchen and laundry center, at no cost to the district Dave put in cabinets and counters and redesigned the room to make it more efficient for our high need students. He spent numerous hours cutting the counters, hanging the cabinets, and changing the water lines so that there was enough counter space to work. Generous is not a powerful enough word for what he did for our students and for our program. Dave is truly benevolent, charitable, and compassionate. BOE Awards

Robert Bivens
Bob Bivens works in the construction business for Hilltop Homes Inc. Bob took time out of his busy work and personal schedule to come to the high school to develop a working classroom for our new Career Readiness program. Bob donated many hours of time after his already long day to put in cabinets and counters and redesigned the room to make it more efficient for our students. Bob was very gracious and generous of his time and effort in this project and it is very much appreciated. It is because of his big-heartedness that our students have a functioning kitchen and laundry center to learn some meaningful life skills.

Teaching Staff

Ann Trombley and David Chidsey
It is always an honor when the work you do is recognized by your peers. It is even more of an honor when what you model as an educator is what others aspire to create and achieve within their own educational growth and program. Exceptional educational leaders surround us every day. When recognized by those in their professional organization as leaders within that organization; they allow themselves to shine as well as the Monticello Central School District. Ann Trombley and David Chidsey did an outstanding job and were instrumental in the opportunity to provide qualityBOE Awards professional development to teachers, administrators, school board members and college students training to become teacher at this year’s New York State School Music Association Winter Conference in Rochester, New York. Mr. Chidsey serves as the High School Classroom Music Committee State Chair and was charged to design, develop and plan for the clinicians and workshops in this area during the four day conference. Mrs. Trombley continues to serve as a long-time member of the NYSSMA Curriculum Committee. Her work as a member of the State Curriculum Committee was instrumental in the development and publication of the NYSSMA Sequential Guide to Music Instruction. The Monticello Central School District Music Curriculum served as one of the main exemplars in the creation of this well received document by the organization and NYSED. In addition, she facilitated and planned four workshop sessions during the conference including one showcasing the Monticello High School Guitar Program in which Mr. Chidsey was the clinician. Monticello Central School District students, parents and community are proud and extremely thankful that they are part of our educational family. We are equally proud to be able to share their educational talents with a multitude of professionals from throughout New York State.

Beth Lauri
They say, “When you want something to get done…ask a busy person!” Never was this truer than when you say the name BethBOE Awards Lauri. For the past 26 years, Mrs. Lauri has dedicated herself well beyond the call of duty as the Annual Thanksgiving Food Drive and Toy Drive Advisor. Each year, over 100 students serve on the Food Drive and Toy Drive Committees. Mrs. Lauri has worked with over 2600 students to provide over 2600 food baskets and over 2600 toys for over 2600 families in our community. Not only does she help organize the students for the collections but she works with the local United Way and Head Start to make sure that no one in need is left without. She helps the students budget, shop, package, wrap and prepare for the annual assemblies. Most importantly, she takes a great many pictures and creates wonderful PowerPoint and CD’s for the students as keepsakes and to use in their portfolios. This year, more than ever, her continued commitment to these events was evident as from her hospital bed, she found coverage of fellow colleagues to step in an assist, sought alumni donations to make-up for funds that we were short due to one week less of collections from Hurricane Sandy and reached out to all her committee members to encourage them to accomplish and reach their goal. Mrs. Lauri is a very busy and active person who the students, faculty, staff and community are proud to have as a member of their community. Bravo on a well-deserved honor and for the wonderful way you make our community a better place each and every day!


Angelo Heimowitz BOE Awards
Angelo Heimowitz was selected to perform in the 2012 New York State All-State Chorus during the New York State School Music Association Winter Conference and performed in this prestigious concert at the renowned Kodak Theatre Concert Hall on December 2, 2012. Angelo was chosen on the basis of his outstanding solo performances given last spring at the NYSSMA (New York State School Music Association) solo festival. Angelo was selected from the over 7,000 student musicians throughout New York State who auditioned last spring to be considered for this elite honor. Angelo is a member of Monticello High School Senior Choir, Chamber Singers, and the Dance Company. He is seen regularly on stage for the Monticello High School Drama and Musicals. In addition, he performs with Hudson Valley Opera Theatre and volunteers at the Center for Discovery. Angelo is a senior planning to major in Drama.

Angelo Heimowitz and Esther Hong
Angelo Heimowitz and Esther Hong were both selected to perform in the prestigious NYSSMA Zone 9 Area All-State Music Festival which was held at Monroe Woodbury High School on November 17, 2012. The annual concert featured students from five Counties who were chosen on the basis of their outstanding solo performances given last spring at the NYSSMA (New York State School Music Association) festival. Esther, a junior, is a member of the Monticello High School Senior Choir, Monticello High School Chamber Singers and the String Orchestra. She has performed at the Forestburgh Playhouse in the productions of “Annie” and “The King and I”. And, because you have already heard about Angelo’s accomplishments, we will move on to our next recipient….

Support Staff BOE Awards

Palmie Fernandez
In this day and age where the general school bustle can seem overwhelming to students, faculty, staff, parents and the community, it is important to have a positive and friendly face that continuously goes above and beyond the call of duty to make the school environment the best it can be. Palmie Fernandez has served as a Teacher’s Aide in that capacity for several years in the High School. This past year, she stepped into the role of Main Office Secretary to fill a leave position. During that time, she gave up lunch periods to cover the responsibilities of the Teacher’s Aide position covering the Time Out Room and staying beyond the school day to be sure that copies were made for the building. As if that was not enough, Mrs. Fernandez felt that a “Pay It Forward” program would be of value to the students, staff and faculty of the building. Mrs. Fernandez spent countless hours and donated funds to support this wonderful project. She worked with the Art Teachers and students to design and implement the successful program which allowed the school to be decorated with “Thank You Trees, “ that enabled those in the building to recognize others. The “Trees” were such a huge success that the program has grown to include “Thank You Snow Flakes,” for the winter season. The positive atmosphere and energy generated through this program has engulfed Monti High. Students and Staff are eager to read the new additions each day and feel encouraged and inspired by the recognition of the good deeds. We are proud to have Mrs. Fernandez as part of our school community and THANK HER for making Monticello High School a warm and inviting place for all of our students to grow. BOE Awards

Joseph Pisaniello
There are many individuals who create a pleasant school environment so it is very difficult to single out one person in particular. I decided to think about people in a non-teaching position who represent our district each day. I see Mr. Pisaniello frequently during the evening events that I attend. We always greet one another and have a pleasant exchange of words. I witness his friendliness toward individuals who walk through the school doors. He is always accommodating and willing to help in any way he can even if it means stepping out of his job description. It wouldn’t be the same if I didn’t see him around when entering the school building.
As a parent, community member and now a board member as well, it is truly wonderful to have such a consistently devoted employee in our district. It’s so great to see Mr. Pisaniello interacting with the public. I hope he continues to serve our district for many years to come.

Rebecca Perez
There are many individuals who create a pleasant school environment so it is very difficult to single out one person in particular. I decided to think about people in a non-teaching position who represent our district each day. Mrs. Perez is one of these individuals. She is welcoming to adults and students. She treats all students with care and respect. Mrs. Perez takes an interest in helping parents find answers to questions, juggles phone calls, makes appointments and never seems to get frustrated during chaotic moments. Taking time to laugh and time to be supportive when I child comes into the office with a problem is so nice to witness. It wouldn’t surprise me if Mrs. Perez knows the name of each child who passes through the guidance office. I have always appreciated her honesty and reliability when counting on her as a parent who once had middle school students. We are extremely fortunate to have Mrs. Perez in our school district. I hope she stays with us for many years to come.BOE Awards

Robin Gibson
It's not often we get the chance to write letters such as this, so when I witnessed the action that just occurred, I felt compelled to bring it to the attention of the Superintendent of Schools and the Board of Education. I am a teacher at Cooke Elementary School, and my afternoon "duty" is bus duty. I witnessed Ms. Robin Gibson, a Monticello Central School District school bus driver go above and beyond her duties of school bus driver. One afternoon, there was a student who rides Ms. Gibson’s bus and was clearly in crisis mode (the student being in the 2nd or 3rd grade). The student rides the transfer bus over from KLR so I do not know the child personally. The student was VERY upset when they got off the transfer bus and attempted to board the bus home. The student was VERY angry and upset about something. I don't think in all my years of teaching I have seen a child this age filled with so much rage. The driver, Ms. Gibson, immediately noticed something was wrong. She immediately jumped out of the driver’s seat and prevented the child from boarding the bus. She guided the student down the stairs and stood with the child outside the bus and immediately embraced the child. With that, the tears started to flow and the student was able to articulate why they were so angry.
The child was being bullied by another student and just could not take it anymore. Ms. Gibson was fantastic. She was able to defuse an extremely volatile situation with positive words and a genuine care for this student - who obviously is a regular student on her run. I can't assume, but I don't think this driver ever had any "training" on how to deal with situations such as this. It was just her natural instinct to show a genuine concern and compassion for one of the students on her bus. You can't "train" people to be that way. It's hard to express in words how powerful this interaction was. I am glad I was able to find out her name and to publically recognize her quick actions that afternoon.

Scholar Athlete Awards

The following groups of students have been honored by the New York State Public High School Athletic Association as “Scholar Athletes”. To achieve this honor, they must, as a team, maintain a grade point average of 90% or greater. As of the fall of 2012,BOE Awards the awards will be distributed on a tier level: Team GPA’s of 95% and higher will receive a lapel pin and school certificate, as in the past. Teams with a 90% - 94.99% will receive a certificate. The Monticello teams that achieved this distinction are:

Girls Cross Country – 96.95% Coach: Peter Wysochanski

  • Camryn Johnson
  • Sydney Johnson
  • Juliana Kane
  • Ashley McEneaney
  • Jillian McEneaney
  • Brittany Rupp

Girls Volleyball – 95.09% Coach: Karen Atack

  • Laura Doherty
  • Lena Episalla
  • Ashley FaluBOE Awards
  • Shivani Patel
  • Aimee Rice
  • Katryna Rokicki
  • Saige Sanford
  • Quasia Walker

Girls Soccer – 94.43% Coach: Lou Velasco

  • Brianna Bennett
  • Samantha Dorn
  • Jordan Fredell
  • Morgan Holloran
  • Lauren Katz
  • Kristen McEneaney
  • Mackenzie Mitchell
  • Annette PurcellBOE Awards
  • Kate Purcell
  • Mara Resnick
  • Alexandra Stant
  • Katrina Zicot

Girls Tennis – 93.79% Coach: Urvashi Gupta

  • Jaclyn Bellamy
  • Jordan Drapkin
  • Heather Giza
  • Brooke Madnick
  • Virginia O’Rourke
  • Johanna Shaver
  • Chelsea Wayman