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Chase students honored for being great communicators

December 18, 2012

Chase's great communicatorsNovember’s celebration assembly recognized students who are great communicators. Students who demonstrate the learner profile of “communicator” understand and express ideas and information confidently in more than one language and in a variety of modes of communication.

These students can express their ideas clearly and creatively through speaking, drawing and writing. Being a good communicator makes it easier when working with others to complete a task. Congratulations to these students for using their superb communication skills.

Photo: The November Communicators. Back row, from left, Aiden Decker, Anderson Herm, Samantha Kaplan, Courtney Cushing, Annalise Rausch, Meghan Thompson, Hannah O’Donohue. Front row, from left, Nathan Borko, Joshua Miller, Hannah McGruder, Adrianna Rice, Arianna Conway, Dannette Burreto-Sanes. Missing from the photo is Makayla McKelvey and Z’quan Steeps.