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AOF students participate in Training for Leadership seminar

October 23, 2012

Peter Chocolate, Dr. Peter Tarlow, Taylor McCormack and Mrs. Sandra GerryAOF students Peter Chocolate and Taylor McCormack recently participated in a Training For Leadership seminar this fall at the CVI Center in Liberty. The seminar, led by Dr. Peter Tarlow, explored issues of leadership and community improvement.

Dr. Tarlow is an international consultant on the positive effects of community beautification, who has been working with the communities in Sullivan County for he past two years. Peter, Taylor and Advisor Wendy Levinson joined the group as Dr. Tarlow facilitated a community building exercise that taught participants about the importance of developing strong ties and enhancing interpersonal communication skills. The focus of the activities was to show the different aspects of leadership and how community members could learn to develop skills that can assist in articulating a vision for the future of Sullivan County and how to organize to get things done.

Photo: From left, Peter Chocolate, Dr. Peter Tarlow, Taylor McCormack, Mrs. Sandra Gerry.