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Second graders receive books from Kiwanis Club

October 10, 2012

Kiwanis members with KLR studentsOn October 4, second graders at KLR were paid a visit by the members of the Monticello Kiwanis Club, who presented a number of story books to the students.

The Kiwanians distributed a variety of books dealing with the subject of friendship. Janet Siano, treasurer, and Jane Sorensen, first vice president, each read a book to the children, who according to the Kiwanis Club members, were very attentive and enjoyed listening to the stories and participating in discussing the books.

Books will be kept in classrooms for use during school. In addition, each student was given a book to take home and share with family members.

"We all enjoyed our visit and interaction with the students and are looking forward to returning in the spring with a new supply of books to distribute to the students for their summer reading pleasure," said Sheila Lashinsky, second vice president.

Photo: Second grade students from Rutherford Elementary with Monticello Kiwanis Club members Sheila Lashinsky, second vice president; Janet Siano, treasurer; and Jane Sorensen, first vice president.