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"Google Translate" feature available on the district website


As part of the district’s initiative to increase parental involvement in school activities and as a way to further expand communication to the non-English speaking members of our community, Monticello Schools has added the "Google Translate" feature to its website at

Google Translate, a free feature offered by Google, allows the viewer to change the language of the text on any given web page to one available in the drop-down menu. It does not translate PDF documents, though.

The following are the directions how to view a page in a different language:

  1. Go to the page you are interested in viewing.
  2. Click on word “Translate”
  3. Choose the language you want by clicking the arrow for the drop down menu.
  4. Click the “Translate” button and the page will appear in that language
  5. To return to English, click on the “Show Original” button

The Translate feature allows the posted text to be translated from English to the following languages, which have been identified as the primary ones spoken by the families of our students and are available from Google: Albanian, Bulgarian, Chinese, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Hindi, Italian, Korean, Malay, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Serbian, Spanish and Yiddish.

If you would like a language added to this feature that does not appear as an option, please e-mail  and if it is available from Google, it will be added.