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Kindergarten Kick-off welcomes new students to school

September 14, 2011

At its annual early September kindergarten kick-off event, the Emma C. Chase Elementary School PTO happily welcomed theKindergarten Kick-off 2011 scores of incoming youngsters to their new school. PTO Board members were on-hand to personally meet and greet students and their parents and provide them with a morning filled with fun and games, refreshments and a complimentary goody bag of school supplies. During the day, the youngsters were given the chance to play with some of their new classmates and meet their kindergarten teachers.

This year, the incoming students will include four sets of twins and although twins are not uncommon in the school, there have never been so many pairs entering kindergarten at the same time. Although some of the siblings will be assigned to the same classroom, others will be separated. According to the Chase School Principal,Kindergarten Kick-off 2011 Susan Gottlieb, that decision is based on what the parents want.

“Some [parents] want the twins separated while others prefer to have them in the same class for the first year,” said Ms. Gottlieb. “Sometimes it is just a matter of independence. We do whatever it takes to ensure that each child will be successful.”
The parents appreciated the free event and were grateful for the opportunity to help their children acclimate to their new school.

Photos: Chase Elementary School Principal Susan Gottlieb and Superintendent of Schools Daniel A. Teplesky join in a game of “Around the World” with some of the incoming kindergartners, from left, Derek Stroup, Anthony Santise, twins Cameron and Caleigh Cain, and Cameron Disimile.

From left, fraternal twins Taylor and Rachel Zirt expressed that they were a little nervous about entering kindergarten, but were also excited to meet new friends. Their grandmother Thelma Zirt and mom Barbara Shaw-Zirt were confident that the duo would be just fine.

Chase PTO Board members, from left, Colleen Borko, Annette Heyman, Kelly Kreighton, Elisa Baum and Jennifer Shamah were pleased with the turnout at their annual event.

From left, Robert J. Kaiser Middle School sixth-grader Kelly Lynn volunteered to lend a hand at the PTO event. She also helped some of the younger kids with their Hula Hoop technique, including 5-year-old Shealey Hughes.

Chase parent Tim Hughes shows off his Hula Hoop expertise.

Kindergartner Brendan McDonald watches as his mom Amy attempts to Hula Hoop

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