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Panther Camp helps familiarize incoming 9th graders with their new school

August 29, 2011Panther Camp 2011

Incoming 9th graders and their families were welcomed to Monticello High School during the annual Panther Camp event held on August 24. The evening provided students with a chance to acclimate themselves to the layout of their new school building. It also gave them an opportunity Panther Camp 2011to get their class schedules, find their lockers, and meet some teachers and classmates. High school cafeteria staff provided families with a complimentary fresh fruit buffet and burger barbeque.

High school freshman Sienna Tate, who attended the event with her mom and little sister, expressed her excitement about entering high school, getting on the volleyball team, taking cooking classes and, of course, seeing her friends again.Panther Camp 2011

Upperclassmen volunteered to answer questions and guide students through the building. Senior class member Rachelle Walker remembered when she was entering high school and how Panther Camp helped her feel welcome and less nervous on her first day. By spending this time helping others, she felt she could “give-back” the positive experience.

Photos: Superintendent of Schools Daniel A. Teplesky, right, introduced himself to many of the attendees. From left, the trio of juniors, Annie Purcell, Aimee Rice and Saige Sanford, welcome the new superintendent to Monticello.

Ninth-grader Sienna Tate, right, enjoyed the evening with her mom, Christine Dattel and her baby sister Shaylea Tate, who will also be attending a new school when she enters kindergarten at the George L. Cooke Elementary School on September 6.

Monticello High School senior Rachelle Walker and junior Kayla Harrell volunteered to help out at the Panther Camp event.

More photos from the Panther Camp 9th Grade Orientation Event

Panther Camp 2011  Panther Camp 2011  Panther Camp 2011  Panther Camp 2011

Panther Camp 2011  Panther Camp 2011  Panther Camp 2011