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Camp Panther event welcomes incoming 6th graders to middle school

August 25, 2011Camp Panther 2011

The Robert J. Kaiser Middle School annual Camp Panther two-day event welcomed 235 of the 270 incoming 6th graders to their new school.

The orientation is a fun way to familiarize students with the layout of the building, assign lockers, meet teachers and staff, and possibly make some new friends, as students work together with classmates in team building exercises.

Activities designed to break the ice among students included a hole-in-one putting green, just for fun Bingo game and a beanbag monkey toss.

Camp Panther 2011To relieve some of the first-day-of-school stress associated with the transition from the elementary to secondary level, students were given their combination locks and allotted some time to learn how to use them.

In addition, the sunny weather provided the perfect backdrop for some field day excitement.

To help welcome the new students, 26 honor society members volunteered their time and their knowledge by answering questions and giving pointers to the attendees.

At the end of the day, parents joined in the fun, met with guidance counselors and were treated to a light dinner.

Photos: Angela Dima learns how to use her new combination lock with the help of RJK Middle School English teacher Cherise Barasch.

Anjelika Jandik had mixed feelings about starting middle school. Although the former KLR student is worried about an increase in homework assignments, she is looking forward to adding soccer, cheerleading and lots of art classes to her new schedule.

More photos from the Camp Panther 6th Grade Orientation Event

Camp Panther 2011  Camp Panther 2011  Camp Panther 2011

Camp Panther 2011  Camp Panther 2011  Camp Panther 2011  Camp Panther 2011