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Summer school graduates take first step to realizing their dreams

August 22, 2011

August 19 was a glorious day for the 19 summer school students who crossed the stage in the Monticello High School auditorium to receive a high school diploma. With family and friends tearfully rejoicing, each graduate beamed with excitement and anticipation of things to come.Summer Grads

Class speaker Doviana Sabatino gave an inspiring keynote to her classmates when she said they were definitely “ready to take on the world!” She also fondly reminisced about how MHS Principal Arleene Siegel's cheerful morning message helped her start her school day with a smile.

"I will never forget Ms. Siegel welcoming us to Fabulous Friday," said Doviana. "This is definitely one of those Fridays!"
Superintendent of Schools Daniel A. Teplesky commended the students for their commitment to “finish what they started” and reminded them that they would now be “Panthers for life.”

According to Luis Diaz, who was happy he passed his bio tech and English classes, the delay in graduation will not stop him from pursuing his dream of being a teacher. That went double for Yariveth Vega who is poised to begin classes at Sullivan County Community College. Although Annarose Mongiello just graduated, she has already started her career as a beauty pageant contestant and a pop singer, both of which she will continue to pursue when she moves to her new home in Brooklyn.Summer school graduation

For Tyiesha Owens, the joy of this moment in time was deeper than her own personal satisfaction. Family responsibilities had stopped her from completing her coursework during the regular school year. Summer school gave her the opportunity to make up that work and receive her diploma. That diploma will allow her to enter nursing school and have a career – something her mother Samantha, who passed away in 2002, always wanted for her daughter.

“I had to finish this for my mom,” said Tyiesha. “I know that wherever she is now, she is very proud of me.”

Congratulations to Monticello High School Class of 2011 Summer School Graduates:

Lissette Ciprian, Kayonna Cruz, Danielle Dennis, Charles Dennison, Janely Diaz, Luis Diaz, Joseph Digerardo, Fiona Forshay, Janeene Gambino, Shane Keller, Daniel Magrisso, Annarose Mongiello, Tyiesha Owens, Christopher Regan, Kassandra Roque, Doviana Sabatino, Kenneth Sanders, Yariveth Vega and Taylor Ward.


MHS summer graduates from left, Annarose Mongiello, Doviana Sabatino, Yariveth Vega, Tyiesha owens, Luis Diaz, Janely Diaz and Shane Keller.

Monticello Schools Board of Education members Robert Bellamy and June Havas-Lombardi congratulated the graduates on a job well done.

Luis Diaz's cousins attended the graduation to celebrate his special day. From left are Marina Colon, Tesha Wesolowski, Marcel Colon and Sadrian Colon. Superintendent of Schools Daniel A. Teplesky congratulates Luis on receiving his diploma.

From right, Class of 2011 summer school graduate Tyiesha Owens shares a special moment with her two-year-old niece Aiyana Wigfall-Bickham and Monticello High School English teacher and graduation coordinator Ann Hazelnis.

Summer Grads    Summer Grads    Summer Grads

Summer school graduation     Summer school graduation     Summer school graduation

Summer school graduation     Summer school graduation     Summer school graduation