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Club Rec hosts International Week at CookeClub Rec students

June 14, 2012

During the week of June 4, Club Rec at Cooke Elementary held its Fourth Annual International Week.

Club Rec is comprised of many different cultures from both children and staff, who explored many different cultural experiences, including sports, table games, art projects, informational sessions and more. Students received informational packets on the different cultures, passports and international badges.

On the final day of International Week, Club Rec held a tasting of cultural foods made by parents. Students learned about a variety of cultures as well as their traditions, foods, arts and leisure time activities.

Photo: Back row, from left, Cayshla Herrera, Dylan Hardy, Rosalie Sheppard and Christopher Hardy. Front row, from left, Sydney Carnell, Donavan Parker, Alyssa Gandy and Aaron Minton.