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Grandson of school's namesake visits third graders

June 15, 2012

George Cooke speaks to studentsStudents in Elyssa Ihlefeldt’s third grade class at Cooke Elementary School were studying Creative and Notable People and how they impact society when they received a special visit from George Cooke, the grandson of Cooke School's namesake, on May 31.

George Cooke is a notable community member, judge and lifelong resident of Monticello. He also graduated from Monticello High School. Mr. Cooke was excited to talk to the students about his life including his accomplishments, his life as a young boy, and part of his family history. He brought pictures and news articles about his grandfather, George L. Cooke, who Cooke school is named after.

Students were given souvenir pens and business cards, and a special message that they will always remember, “I am somebody special and I will never give up.”

Photo: George Cooke speaks to students in Elyssa Ihlefeldt’s third grade class.