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Students donate supplies, coins to pet drive

May 23, 2012

During the month of April, the Student Council at Cooke Elementary School sponsored a Pet Supply Drive, where they collected all kinds of pet food, toys, blankets, towels and treats. Donations were made on a global and local level.

Council members collected coins and raised a total of $59.62 that was donated to the World Wildlife Federation as a global outreach. All of the cat food and feline-related items were gifted to “The Purr-fect Place,” a rescue facility that captures and spays or neuters feral cats. In addition, Jan Berlin, an employee of the Club Rec after-school program, received donations from the students for her rescue mission of "oddities," or pets that are hard to place in permanent homes. Berlin brought in a turtle, two rats and a bearded dragon for the students to see.

The Pet Supply Drive incorporated the IB attributes of empathy, cooperation and compassion.

Photos: Julia Serrano’s fourth grade class student council representatives Marissa and Cheryl, with the donation for “The Purr-fect Place.”

Debra Levine’s student council representatives Abigail and Carlos with Jan Berlin and her "oddities."

Pet drive  Pet drive