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"Bardapalooza" - a new way to experience history first-hand

May 22, 2012Bardapalooza

Monticello High School staff and students recently celebrated a chapter in history with an authentic, costumed “Bardapalooza” English-style fair. Spearheaded by faculty in the English and music departments, the event was named after the Bard of Avon, William Shakespeare.

This year’s inaugural festival included week-long battles between classes as they vied for the coveted “Spirit Cup” and competed in scavenger hunts, relay races and sonnet slams.

Students were treated to daily Shakespearean film clips, celebrated the Bard’s birthday with cake and fanfare after school, enjoyed the serenade of wandering minstrels and participated in contests of gamesmanship, revelry and refreshments in the Bard’s Nest.

Queen Elizabeth I, played by Monticello High School Principal Lori Orestano-James strolled through the hallways and visited classrooms sharing tidbits of knowledge about what it must have been like to rule a kingdom during the Shakespearean era.Bardapalooza

The final day of the festival featured lessons on botany, sword dancing, dramatic skits and a grand finale performance by the high school chamber group.

Bardapalooza was an academic integration among many disciplines to create a learning opportunity that was exciting and engaging.

Photos: Monticello High School art teacher Jay Brooks and student Becca! Robinson donned costumes for the Bard event. Mr. Brooks played the part of a peasant pauper while Becca! was a young minstrel.

Monticello High School Principal Lori Orestano-James played a convincing role as the aged Queen Elizabeth I.


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