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Jazz Diva - Ann Hampton Callaway - Inspires Elementary School Singers

April 11, 2012

Ann Hampton Callaway with music teacher Joyce WellsMost people go a lifetime without meeting a “celebrity” – not the students in the Grade 4 Chorus at the Kenneth L. Rutherford Elementary School. Not only Music at KLRdid they get to meet someone famous, but the acclaimed jazz and cabaret singer actually mentored the group prior to a mini concert for their schoolmates.

Her name is Ann Hampton Callaway and she is an international performing and recording artist, Broadway star and songwriter - and, she is old-time friends with Monticello music teacher Joyce Wells. That friendship inspired the renowned musician to share her time and talents with the KLR students.

Although Ms. Hampton Callaway is best known for writing and recording the theme song to “The Nanny” TV series, she is a deeply spiritual woman who was honored when she learned that the KLR chorus was performing one of her original compositions, “Let Us Be United” - a song she wrote after the September 11 terrorist attacks.

During her visit, Ms. Hampton Callaway surprised the young singers with a new song she wrote especially for them, titled “We are the Hope of the World.” While teaching the students the words, she iterated the theme of the song, which is meant to encourage people to express the music in their hearts and to help them realize that, “love is where all music starts.”

The chorus members“You are the hope of the future,” said Ms. Hampton Callaway. “You can do things to make the world a better place.”
She then asked the students to share their thoughts about what they could do to better our world. Their replies were heartfelt and inspired, and should be a lesson for us all - stop polluting the air; be honest and kind; recycle; respect the environment and our planet; be a responsible person; give food to the poor; and treat others the way you want to be treated.

For more information about Ann Hampton Callaway and to listen to her music, visit

We Are the Hope of the World

Dedicated to the children of the Monticello Schools - 2012 copyright - Words and music by Ann Hampton Callaway

Students hug Ann Hampton CallawayWhere is the hope of the world?
Who is the hope of the world?
We are the hope of the world!

Music is in all our hearts
Love is where all music starts
We sing the hope of the world.

Listen, listen, listen
What do you hear?

Here is the hope of the world
Now is the hope of the world
We are the hope of the world!

Photos: Professional entertainer and musical artist Ann Hampton Callaway plays the piano and sings while Monticello Schools music teacher Joyce Wells directs the KLR Grade 4 Chorus.

Joseph Ebrahim wasn't shy to share his thoughts with Ms. Hampton Callaway when he belted-out over the microphone that he loves the "Nanny" song!

The Kenneth L. Rutherford Elementary School Grade 4 Chorus.

Some students were deeply moved by Ms. Hampton Callaway's performance and lined up to hug her before returning to class.

CLICK HERE to view a short video of Ann Hampton Callaway working the RJK chorus students to learn the song, "We Are The Hope Of The World."