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Students enjoy pancake breakfast

March 29, 2012

Students enjoy pancakesOn Friday, March 23, kindergarten students Rutherford Elementary School enjoyed a delicious pancake breakfast as a culminating activity to their ELA Common Core Standards Unit 2: Tell a Story 1, 2, 3. Throughout the unit, the students heard stories and poems about pancakes to learn sequencing and retelling skills.

Debra Donleavy, Monticello Schools Cafeteria Manager, and the KLR kitchen staff prepared more than 300 pancakes for the students. “That’s a lot of pancakes,” Mya said when she saw the trays of pancakes. When asked what she thought of the pancakes, Jasmine said, “I liked the inside and the syrup.”

Debbie Galley, KLR Literacy Coach, read a Norwegian folktale, "The Runaway Pancake," to all the classes during the breakfast. One of the best parts for the students was showing their independence by putting the toppings on and cutting it into pieces. “It was good. I put the syrup on myself,” said Katelyn.