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Education Speaks = A Blog that Addresses Issues in Education Education Speaks

Addressing and analyzing the changes and challenges in education todayclick to visit Education Speaks


Education Speaks is an informational initiative sponsored by Capital Region BOCES. The blog is designed to be a forum for thoughtful discussion of the issues shaping public education in New York State.

The mission of Education Speaks is to work toward smart solutions to education’s biggest problems. Guest bloggers are public school leaders from rural, urban and suburban districts sharing insights on important issues that affect people in their schools and communities. Guest bloggers are backed by an editorial team from the Capital Region BOCES Communications Service who help moderate the blog and work to keep a constructive conversation.

Regular readers of this blog will discover that educational leaders do not always speak with one voice — but then again neither does the public. What Education Speaks does provide is a consistently compelling perspective on the promise and peril in our public schools — from the people who lead them.

Our goal is to advance a deeper understanding of educational issues and to help move the conversation forward, toward new and creative solutions to the challenges facing our public schools and the people in our communities.

Although the Monticello Central School District is linking to the blog, the viewpoints expressed on Education Speaks are not necessarily the viewpoints of Monticello's Board of Education, administrators, teachers or staff members.

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