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Chase students and stuffed animals participate in Teddy Bear Clinic

Doctors and nurses from Catskill Regional Medical Center recently visited Chase Elementary school to run a Teddy Bear Clinic.

January 9, 2011

Kindergarten students were invited to bring a stuffed animal to school that was in need of medical care. Each “patient” was able to see a doctor or nurse to treat their various ailments which ranged from the chicken pox to broken tails. The students and their stuffed friends were also given a tour of a Mobilmedic ambulance and learned what might happen in an emergency.

To top off the event, a Lifenet helicopter landed in the schoolyard. The upper grade students were invited to get a closer look at the helicopter and speak with the pilot. This wonderful event gives children the opportunity to interact with medical personnel in a friendly environment.

Photos: Dr. Holden tends to Aiden Herm’s bear, while Mason Atlas and Dean Frey wait for their turn to see the doctor.

Back row, from left, Nurse Dee, Dr. Holden, the Mobilmedic crew, Principal Susan Gottlieb and Kindergarten teacher Cheryl Hughes and students from Cheryl Hughes’ kindergarten class.

The pilot of the Lifenet helicopter gives fifth grade students a tour of the helicopter.