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Students learn about Native American artifacts

December 5, 2011

Sydney Hill with a tomahawkTara Komatz, a Monticello graduate and teacher, recently visited each classroom at the Chase Elementary School to Tara Komatz talks to studentsshare Native American artifacts with the students.

Komatz presented a large variety of artifacts that included dream catchers, spears, snowshoes and a tomahawk that dates back 500 years. Students were thrilled to hold the objects and examine the details and workmanship of early Native Americans.

Komatz explained she is keeping a tradition alive that was started by her grandfather, Joseph Komatz. He started the collection of artifacts and would visit the classrooms of his grandchildren. The student and faculty of Chase thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to hear the stories and hold history in their hands.

Photo, right: First grade student Sydney Hill examines a Native American tomahawk.

Photo, left: Teacher and Monticello graduate Tara Komatz shares the story of the dream catcher with first grade students.