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ESL families take a trip to Crawford Public Library

November 8, 2011Families visit the library

Recently, 10 families from Rutherford's ESL (English as a Second Language) program participated in a family trip to the EB Crawford Public Library in Monticello.

By the end of the afternoon, 21 new library cards had been issued to parents and children.

For many, this was a first visit to the local public library and the first time they ever received a library card. One dad tutored his four year old as he practiced writing his last name for the first time.

Children were proud and delighted to take out books, videos and books on tape and parents were eager to learn about all of the resources available to help their children become better readers. Going to the library after school is a quiet and friendly place to do homework, research for reports and develop a love for books.

To obtain a library card a parent must bring a photo ID (such as a driver's license) and one proof of address, like a phone or electric bill. Children must be able to write their first and last name.