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Monticello Administrator and Former Staff Member Honored for Excellence

November 1, 2010

Two of Monticello’s finest people were recently honored by the Mid-Hudson School Study Council (MHSSC) for their outstanding work performance in the Monticello Central School District. Pupil Personnel Services (PPS) Director Dr. Edward Escobar was presented with the Award for Excellence in Administration. Former data administrator Elizabeth Kendall was presented with the Award for Excellence for Support Staff. The annual MHSSC awards dinner was held at Anthony’s Pier 9 in late October.

Dr. Escobar began his career in Monticello Schools in 1990 as a special education teacher. During his 20 year tenure, he was MCSDpromoted to high school assistant principal, assistant director of PPS and then to his present title as PPS director, where he has been for the past four years. In his position, he oversees more than 100 staff members in the district’s five schools including nurses, social workers, speech and physical therapists, guidance counselors, psychologists and special education personnel.

Dr. Escobar takes the mission of his department – to support students outside the classroom – very seriously and embraces the daily challenges to provide the services necessary to sustain student achievement under what are sometimes difficult circumstances. He is also a strong supporter of parental involvement and early intervention as a way to ensure that all children get the services they need to be successful in their educational journey.

“One of the most difficult things I have to do is tell parents that their child has a disability,” said Dr. Escobar. “It is essential that we do whatever it takes to turn the situation around and make it as positive as we can. At that point, their child becomes my child, as well, and we work together to provide the supports needed to maximize the child’s independence and learning potential.”

For Dr. Escobar, Monticello is not only his place of employment, but also his alma mater – he graduated from Monticello High School in 1982. After 33 years in the district, it is easy for him to put his heart into what he does and give back to the community he cherishes. As for the future, Dr. Escobar looks forward to continue providing services that address the needs of Monticello’s diverse student population. If necessary, he is ready to reinvent the system to change with the times.MCSD

In addition to his MHSSC award, Dr. Escobar was recently appointed to a three-year term to serve as a member of the New York State Commissioner of Education’s Advisory Panel for Special Education. This coveted appointment allows Dr. Escobar the means to have a local voice at the state level, especially when it comes to addressing issues of unmet needs for our children with disabilities.

Data administrator Elizabeth Kendall is so beloved by the school community she served for the past 30 years, that her retirement didn’t stop district administrators from nominating her for the MHSSC Award for Excellence for her former support staff position. After three decades of dedicated service handling the grade 2 Terra Nova exams, English as a second language achievement tests, elementary and intermediate grades 3-8 state exams and the secondary level regents exams, to name a few, the topnotch data guru decided it was time to do other things in life besides work. She retired earlier this year so she could spend more time with her family and friends, go to Broadway shows and vacation at the beach.

“I cannot express how happy I am to earn the MHSSC Award for Excellence. I've attended this event for many of my colleagues through the years and I always felt it was such a tribute to the recipients,” said Ms. Kendall. “I am so honored to receive this award. This is a memory I will always treasure.”

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