Monticello High School Regents and testing schedule for January 2020

Here is the January 2020 Regents and local final exam schedule for Monticello High School. Students should arrive 30 minutes before their test start time. If there are any changes to the schedule, updates will appear here.

Please note: There will be no regular classes in session from Jan. 21 to 24 at the high school, only testing. Regular busing will be provided to and from school in the morning and afternoon. In addition, busing from school will be provided after the  morning tests are complete. There is no busing to the school other than in the morning.

Tuesday, Jan. 21


8 a.m. – English Language Arts 

12 p.m. Living Environment


Local Finals

8 a.m. Financial Decision Making

12 p.m. Government

Wednesday, Jan. 22


8 a.m. US History and Government


12 p.m. Algebra I


Local Finals

8 a.m. Finance Academy Economics

12 p.m. Driver’s Education

Thursday, Jan. 23


8 a.m. Global History & Geography II (Framework)


Local Finals

8 a.m. Delivering Great Customer Service

12 p.m. Health – Snow Date

               Public Speaking

               SUPA Chemistry

                SUPA Physics


Friday, Jan. 24


8 a.m. Physical Setting/Earth Science