MCSD email security updates may result in returned messages

The Monticello Central School District (MCSD) is committed to providing a secure email system that ensures communication is efficient and safe. With a world-wide increase in cyber attacks and other digital threats, the district’s tech department has implemented new updates to the district’s email system.

With these new updates, some users may have their emails returned if their email system does not meet the MCSD’s extensive security checks. If you send an email to any MCSD address and receive a message stating that the message could not be delivered, please contact your building principal. He/she will assist you in getting in touch with the correct department to help resolve the problem.

“In a large system like Monticello, it is critical that we stay up to date with current issues that could jeopardize our security,” Director of Technology Shelley Rossitto said. “We thank you for your patience and support in keeping Monticello’s network safe and secure.”