Update re: lockout on Feb. 6

On the morning of Feb. 6, students approached the administrative team at the Robert J. Kaiser Middle School with a video clip of a community member making verbal threats against the school district. The administrative team immediately placed the middle school, and connected high school campus on lockout, and notified the Monticello Police Department (MPD). After reviewing the video, the administrative team then extended the lockout to all Monticello schools out of an abundance of caution. During a lockout, the perimeter of the building is secured and no person is allowed entry into the building. 

Because of the timing of  the lockout, the buses, which were en route to the elementary schools, needed to be diverted to an off-site area to await further direction.  

Shortly before 10 a.m., the MPD alerted the district that it could lift the lockout. At that time, the buses returned to the schools, and parents were invited to drop their children off at their schools. 

“Student safety is always our number one priority,” Superintendent of Schools Tammy Mangus said. “We are fortunate to have had the help and support of the MPD, our internal staff and the staff at the off-site location who helped navigate us through this incident with professionalism and care.”