Fall 2018 Letter

Dear Monticello Families,

The beginning of the school year is vital to establishing a strong foundation for academic success. All the little things matter because little things can turn into big things which can have either a positive or a negative impact. A missed class, a missed day of school, a missed assignment, or a lapse in judgement that happens repeatedly can result in students becoming overwhelmed later in the school year. Our students are developing habits with every decision to either show up and get the work done or to avoid their responsibility to do so. These habits can become part of their character and so we must be vigilant to ensure they are developing positive and successful habits.

Progress reports for the first quarter will be published in SchoolTool and  mailed home on October 11th to provide you with an indication of how successful your child has been at the start of the school year with meeting academic expectations. Our parent-teacher conference night is October 18th so that you can come prepared for the critical conversations necessary to support your child’s progress in school. November 16th will be the date that the first quarter grades will be available in SchoolTool and mailed home.

I recommend you mark your calendar and check in regularly on SchoolTool to look at your child’s academic achievement. If you have questions on how to use SchoolTool please reach out to your child’s guidance counselor who can explain how to get the most out of its functions. If you have questions regarding your child’s achievement in a particular course please reach out to
the teacher of that course. We understand the importance of our partnership to help your child reach their potential and want to work with you to make it happen.

In school, we stress the importance of being in school every day and on time, working hard and completing all course assignments, as well as being kind to others. These are the key ingredients to being successful and we look to inspire, equip, and empower all our students to be successful. We look forward to seeing and speaking with you throughout your child’s high school experience.

Let’s make this a great year!


Stephen Wilder
Principal, Monticello High School
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