Elementary Special Education Teacher – 19-20(115)

POSITION:                                         Elementary Special Education Teacher

POST DATE:                                      November 13, 2019

POST END DATE:                           November 27, 2019

LOCATION:                                      Cooke Elementary School

TIME OF WORKDAY:                  As per MTA Contract

START DATE:                                 TBD

DEADLINE:                                      November 27, 2019


Must have current NYS Students with Disabilities 1-6 Certification or Special Education Certification.


Monticello Central School District is seeking an Elementary Special Education Teacher to fill an anticipated vacancy. The successful candidate must have current NYS Students with Disabilities 1-6 or Special Education Certification.


HOW TO APPLY:                      monticelloschools.tedk12.com

                                                           Personnel Department ATTN: Rhonda Jeter

                                                             Monticello Central School District

                                                            60 Jefferson Street Suite 3

                                                            Monticello, NY 12701

                                                       Tel. 845-794-7700 Fax 845-794-7718