Jan. 3, 2019: Early dismissal at the high school and middle school

Update: 2:01 p.m.: The fire department has assessed the classroom and determined the leak is not a danger. The gas is still disconnected, and the district awaits the arrival of the gas company to resolve the problem. 

On the afternoon of Jan. 3, 2019 a science teacher reported a strong odor of propane. Although we believe it to be localized to that individual classroom, we have shut off the propane to that area of the building and are evacuating all high school students to the middle school as a precautionary measure. Both the middle and high school students will be dismissed early and will be picked up by the transportation team as soon as possible. All after-school activities at both the middle and high school are cancelled. Please note that high school staff are also being evacuated to the middle school. Any attempts to contact staff should be directed to the middle school main office.