District will close on Feb. 18 for “give-back day”

UPDATE: Feb. 14, 2020: As there have been no additional emergency closures this week, Feb. 18 will a give-back day. Please read the original article below for more information. 


Feb. 12, 2020 – If there are no additional emergency closures before Friday, Feb. 14, Tuesday Feb. 18 will become a give-back day. On give-back days, all district programs are closed, including Project Excel and the St. John Street School Community HUB. There will be no transportation to BOCES programs.

Give-back day closures happen when a district has not, and does not expect to, exhaust its allotment of emergency closures that are built into the school calendar. There are 11 allotted emergency closure days in the 2019-20 school calendar and as of Feb. 12, the district has used four of them. In the event that the district needs to schedule additional give-back days in the upcoming months, the information will be posted on our website and shared via the SchoolMessenger notification system.