Fall Athletic Coaches – #19-20 (4)

POSITIONS: Fall Athletic Coaches (See Listing Below)

  • Head Varsity Football Coach
  • Head Modified Football Coach
  • 4 Assistant Football Coaches
  • Varsity Girls Soccer Coach
  • JV Girls Soccer Coach
  • Modified Girls Soccer Coach
  • Varsity Boys Soccer Coach
  • JV Boys Soccer Coach
  • Modified Boys Soccer Coach
  • Varsity Cross Country Coach
  • Modified Cross Country Coach
  • Varsity Girls Tennis Coach
  • JV Girls Tennis Coach
  • Football Cheerleading Coach
  • Varsity Volleyball Coach
  • JV Volleyball Coach
  • Modified Volleyball Coach
  • Supervision & Event Staff

POST DATE: Jan. 23, 2019

POST END DATE: Feb. 6, 2019

LOCATION: Monticello Central School District

TIME OF WORKDAY: As per current MTA Contract

START DATE: August 2019

DESCRIPTION: Create practice schedules and game strategies. Instruction in
practices and games. Provide a safe, enriched learning environment
for all athletes. Implement a strong competitive setting for athletes
to be successful. Distribute and collect all uniforms and supplies.

MINIMUM QUALIFICATIONS: Minimum requirements for a first year coach:
1. 21 years old
2. Prior Coaching Experience Preferred
3. Meet New York State Coach Certification Requirements


HOW TO APPLY: Letter or MCSD Application To:
Mr. Kurt Buddenhagen
Director of Athletics, Physical Education, and Health
Monticello Central School District
39 Breakey Avenue
Monticello, NY 12701
(845)794-8840 ext. 10995

The Monticello Central School District hereby advises students, parents, employees, and the public that it offers employment and educational opportunities without regard to sex, race, color, national origin, or
handicap. Present staff members who are interested in applying for the above positions should submit a written statement indicating the position they are applying for outlining past experience in a similar position and summarizing qualifications for the position. If additional records or other materials are
needed, these will be requested after receipt of the initial written submission. EOE

It is necessary to contact Mr. Buddenhagen regarding your interest in a coaching vacancy even if you have held the position in the past.