Executive Director for Information and Technology – 19-20 (6)

POSITION: Executive Director for Information & Technology

POST DATE: May 3, 2019

POST END DATE: May 22, 2019

START DATE: July 1, 2019


  1. NYS School District Administrator certification/School District Leader Certification
  2. Educational Technology certification preferred
  3. Five years successful district administrative experience


The Executive Director of Information and Technology will oversee the development, implementation , and use of technology throughout the Monticello Central School District, working closely with district staff to assess and address user and instructional practice needs.


  1. Manage the deployment, monitoring, maintenance, development, upgrade, and support of all IT systems, including servers, CPUs, operating systems, telephones, software applications, and peripherals.
  2. Provides expertise and support during systems upgrades, installations, conversions and file maintenance.
  3. Oversee systems development, enhancement, and the integration of new systems with existing systems.
  4. Manages servers, security solutions, network hardware and equipment.
  5. Manages telecommunications infrastructure and development plans, projects, policies and procedures.
  6. Oversees the E-Rate process, ongoing documentation, and implementation of projects.

Professional Development

  1. Works with district staff to develop strategies and plans to enhance client services, improved user effectiveness, and
    foster innovation.
  2. Manages IT staff, including hiring, training, evaluation, guidance, discipline and discharge.
  3. Develops the IT staff to meet the changing needs of users, educators and offices.
  4. Keeps current with the latest technologies and determine what new technology solutions and implementations will
    meet school and district system requirements.

Data Security

  1. Oversees procedures to ensure the protection of enterprise technology assets and the integrity, security, and privacy of


  1. Develops standard operating procedures and best practices, including providing written protocols and guidance to IT
    staff and to end-users.
  2. Ensures the creation and maintenance of all written documentation, including system and user manuals, license
    agreements, and documentation of modifications and upgrades as per Board policy.
  3. Oversees provision of end-user services, including help desk and technical support services.
  4. Manages financial aspects of the IT Division, including purchasing, budgeting, and budget review and accruing
  5. Develops and implements of all IT policies and procedures, including those for architecture, security, disaster recovery, standards, purchasing, and service provision per NY State Regulations.
  6. Negotiates and administers vendor, outsourcer, and consultant contracts and service agreements.
  7. Leads the ongoing evaluation of the effectiveness of the district’s instructional technology program including the
    research of emerging technologies.
  8. Develops standards for acquisition and maintenance of equipment and network.
  9. Provides leadership and direction in technology and innovation.
  10. Assumes responsibility for the implementation and evaluation of state and federal mandates/statutes for digital initiatives.
  11. Promotes and facilitates innovative ideas as they relate to technology and digital content.
  12. Provides strategic direction in the areas of policy, planning, and standards for information technology, assessment, and
    accountability related functions.
  13. Guides, coordinates and provides support services related to instructional technology use and innovation, and the design, creation, and online delivery of instructional digital content/media.
  14. Supervises the daily operations and staff for instructional technology uses and innovation, and digital media services.
  15. Explores, evaluates, and enables existing and emerging digital content/media, instructional technologies, and their application.
  16. Coordinates equipment, facilities, technologies, and services with instructional needs.
  17. Monitors feedback from faculty, students, and staff to continuously improve digital media services, instructional
    technology uses and innovation, and corresponding delivery methods.
  18. Participates in the development and administration of the budget associated with digital media services and
    instructional technology; forecasts and recommends additional funds needed for expenditures.
  19. Oversees the research of new technologies related to teaching and learning and work with faculty and IT professionals
    to develop plans to introduce these findings.
  20. Directs the evaluation of various technology solutions to identify strengths, weaknesses, and potential benefits to the
    district. Conducts product evaluations for new software and upgrades to existing software. Reviews potential hosted
    solutions and provide recommendations.
  21. Monitors the developments of instructional software, including multimedia and assesses the adequacy of district’s
    learning technology resources.


  1. Participate and attend relevant conferences.
  2. Performs other duties as assigned by the Superintendent.

HOW TO APPLY: www.olasjobs.org


CONTACT: Personnel Department ATTN: Rhonda Jeter
Monticello Central School District
237 Forestburgh Rd.
Monticello, NY 12701
Tel. 845-794-7700 Fax 845-794-7710