Monticello Central School District 2019-2020 Budget Development Calendar

Nov. 15, 2018         Present budget calendar to Board of Education

Nov. 15, 2018         BoE meeting – Board approves 2019-20 budget calendar for adoption with enrollment trends (2013- present)

Nov. 29, 2018        ALT meeting with budget builders and distribute budget guidelines and due dates and date for individual budget meeting 

Dec. 21, 2018        Staffing chart due from principals and directors 

Jan. 10, 2019         Staffing meeting at ALT –(needs, reductions, shifts)

Jan. 28-31, 2019  Individual budget meetings with Central Office and Plant Operations, Transportation, Security & Technology.

Feb. 7, 2019           BoE Meeting – Topic: Preliminary Budget Forecast & Assumptions & Tax Levy Limit

Feb. 14, 2019        Proposed staffing recommendations for 2019-20 completed for Central Office review at ALT

Feb. 21, 2019        BoE Meeting – Topic: Plant Operations, Transportation,  Security & Technology (Completed budgets due to  Business                                                Office by Feb. 6, 2019)

Feb. 25-28, 2019  Individual budget meetings with Central Office and Building Principals & Athletics.

March 1, 2019      Submission of Tax Cap Calculation Information and District’s Calculation of Tax Levy limit to OSC, NYSED, NYS  Taxation                                              and Finance

March 7, 2019      BoE Meeting – Topic: Building Principal budgets with enrollment projections and Athletics. (Completed budgets due to                                            Business Office by Feb. 20, 2019)

March 4-5, 2019   Individual budget meetings with Central Office and PPS,  Curriculum & Instruction, Special Programs and BOCES

March 21, 2019   BoE Meeting – Topic: Curriculum/Staff Development,   PPS, Special Programs, and BOCES (Completed budgets  due to                                            Business Office by March 6, 2019)

April 2, 2019         First legal notice of school budget hearing and budget, must advertise four times.

April 2, 2019         Deadline for submission of voter-initiated propositions to  be placed on the ballot (45 days before the election)

April 11, 2019       BoE Meeting – Instructional & Support Staffing, Benefits & District-wide expenditures.  Finalize budget proposal.                                                        (Complete budgets due to Business Office by March 20, 2019)

 April 22, 2019     Deadline for submission of petitions for BoE candidates  to be placed on the ballot. (30 days prior to budget vote)

April 22, 2019      Inform candidates of legal requirement for all candidates for election to BoE to sworn statement of campaign expenses.

 April 22, 2019     Prepare absentee ballot applications, absentee ballot,  related envelopes, and directions.

April 23, 2019      BoE Meeting & Budget Adoption by the Board of  Education

April 23, 2019      Drawing by District Clerk for determination of order of candidates on ballot.

April 24, 2019     Property Tax Report card due to SED and to official   newspaper (end of next business day after budget adoption)

April 26, 2019      FINAL legal date for budget adoption by Board of  Education          

May 2, 2019          Three-part budget document with required  attachments made available upon request and  distributed in                                               various locations (7 days before hearing and 14 days before vote).

May 9, 2019          Budget hearing – three-part budget document with required attachments available

May 14, 2019        Six-day notice mailed to eligible voters

May 14, 2019        Voter Registration Day

 May 14, 2019       Sworn statement by candidates for election to BoE  received by District Clerk

May 20, 2019       District Clerk must maintain a list of names of those residents who were given absentee ballots

May 21, 2019        Annual meeting and budget vote

June 10, 2019       Sworn statement by candidates for election to BoE received by District Clerk.

Additional meeting dates with budget builders and the Board of Education may be added at a later date.

If budget is defeated

May 30, 2019       Budget document – Three-part statement with required attachments made available upon request, at each school                                                       building, at district office, free library, and on district’s website at least 7 days before hearing and 14 days before the budget                                        revote.

June 4, 2019         Publish legal notice for budget revote one each week in the two weeks before revote day, first publication 14 days before                                             revote

June 6, 2019         Budget hearing (7 – 14 days before budget revote day)    three–part budget statement must be available at hearing.

June 12, 2019       Budget notice mailed to eligible voters

June 18, 2019       State-wide budget revote day