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CABC meetings used as a forum to discuss the 2012-2013 school budget

$77 million proposed budget comes with a 2.35 percent tax levy increaseCABC

Almost three dozen people attended the first of the Citizens’ Advisory Budget Committee (CABC) meetings to discuss the financial position of the school district and its proposed 2012-2013 budget.

Business Administrator Denise Cedeira-Thornton and Superintendent of Schools Daniel A. Teplesky facilitated the meeting and provided attendees with an overview of this year's challenges. These include the constraints the district must follow to comply with the rules of the new tax levy cap, projected increases in health insurance premiums and a higher percentage required for retirement contributions.

The forum allowed community members to share their suggestions for creating a fiscally responsible budget that CABCbalances the quality of educational programs and the tax burden on property owners. The CABC also gave participants a chance to ask questions and delve deeper into the "revenue-driven" formula that is being used to create the proposed budget.

So far, the district has a projected $3.472,981 budget deficit. That calculation is based on the proposed $77,384,789 budget figure for the 2012-2013 school year. This represents an increase in the district's tax levy of 2.35 percent - a figure that is within its legal limit under the new tax cap law. As the budget formation process continues, discussions will include what cuts will have to be made to make up for the monetary shortfall. Community members are encouraged to attend the future CABC meetings and BOE Budget Workshops.

2012-13 Citizens' Advisory Budget Committee (CABC) meetings

CABC Meeting #1 - PPT Presentation - topics included Modified Rollover Budget, Enrollment and Elementary.

CABC Meeting #2 - PPT Presentation - topics included Athletics, RJK Middle School, and Monticello High School (music and performing arts presented as part of the RJK and MHS budgets).

CABC Meeting #3 - PPT Presentation - topics included Facilities, Transportation, Technology and Curriculum/Staff Development

CABC Meeting #4 - PPT Presentation - topics included BOCES, Pupil Personnel Services, Undistributed, Benefits and Staffing

Board of Education Budget Work Session and Possible Budget Adoption - PPT Presentation