Author Robert Jackson will offer free workshop for parents

On Tuesday, Feb. 26, students, staff and parents in the Monticello Central School District will have the opportunity to learn new skills and strategies for dealing with problematic behavior. Author Robert Jackson, nationally recognized for his expertise in teaching cultural diversity, restorative practices, socio-emotional learning, and trauma, will return to Monticello High School for a day of workshops.

During the school day, students will participate in a keynote designed to build a sense of accountability and inspire students to become successful students in and out of the classroom, followed by a staff-only professional development session aimed at building capacity in effectively managing students with behavioral issues as well as cultural awareness.

At 6:30 p.m., Mr. Jackson will present a free workshop for parents at the Arnold P. Hughs Auditorium in Monticello High School entitled “Helping Your Child Become More Disciplined and Responsible; Overcoming Anger, Abuse and Anxiety.” 

“Our goal as a district is to improve outcomes for all of our students and we can’t do that unless we take a holistic approach,” Superintendent of Schools Tammy Mangus said. “Building capacity in staff and families ensures that our students are surrounded by consistent messaging and discipline strategies. This type of reinforcement is what leads to meaningful, inter-generational change.”