Academy of Finance hosts breakfast for advisory board

By AOF student Raheem House

On Oct. 3, 2018, the Academy of Finance held a breakfast for the advisory board members to meet with the students and provide information on what it is like in the business world. The students looked very professional dressed in their business attire. The breakfast participants played a game that helped break the ice. This year the game was Pictionary, which was very competitive but was also very fun. The conversations were very informative because the students asked the adults questions like “what are some challenges you faced along the way?” or “what advice can you give me that will benefit my life?”. In case students were uncomfortable starting a conversation, each table had a bucket filled with questions to jump start the dialogue.

The AOF seniors were able to choose one of the people on the board to be their mentor who they met at the breakfast. During the school year, the AOF seniors will get together with their mentor and find out what they have accomplished, how they accomplished it, and hopefully form a beneficial relationship with that person. The student co-presidents and a senior who completed an internship over the summer gave speeches on what the Academy of Finance is all about and how it provides different opportunities for students. Towards the end of the breakfast, each member of the board stood up and gave some words of wisdom for each student of the Academy to live by. These words of encouragement are vital because it gives young people motivation to go out and strive to do greater things.

I recommend the Academy of Finance to everyone because it helps to prepare students for important life decisions we will face in life. As a member of the AOF for two years, I have learned a lot and my one regret is not joining sooner. I hope that more underclassmen will join the Academy and have an amazing time learning how to become Future Ready.