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Kenneth L. Rutherford Elementary School


Arrival of students/School hours
Health services information
Bus conduct
Emergency cards
School lunch information
Playground rules
Field trips
Lost and found
School visitors
Dress code
Academic information
Toys and electronic games
Parent conferences
Delayed openings
Closing procedures
Student expectations
Building good study habits

This handbook outlines behaviors expected of students and provides other valuable information. It has been carefully prepared and presented in order that you and your parents may know and understand the policies and practices of K. L. Rutherford Elementary School.

Our school makes special efforts to create and promote a good relationship between the home and school. Newsletters, regular conferences and direct contact with parents are part of these efforts. Parents are encouraged to initiate their own contacts by calling the school and making an appointment to see the teacher and/or principal.

Let's work together. Our school has a proud tradition of academic excellence and with your help, I am sure the present year will be one of our very best.


School hours for students: 9:05 a.m. - 3:22 p.m.

Students being delivered to or picked up from school should use the lower parking lot. The circle is reserved for bus traffic. Students should not arrive at school before 8:30 a.m. and should leave for home promptly at 3:10 p.m. The school cannot accept responsibility for supervising students who arrive before 8:30 a.m.

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Regular daily attendance is essential for all students. Children whose attendance is irregular lose the important continuity of instruction and are hindered in learning. It is vital for you, as parents, to establish with your children the habit of consistent attendance and punctuality.

It is also expected that family vacations will be scheduled during school recesses so those students will not miss regularly scheduled school days.

When students are truly ill, however, please keep them at home so the other students and teachers will not be infected. When a child returns to school following an absence, he or she must bring a dated, written excuse from a parent or guardian, giving the specific reason for the absence. Our school attendance office will call home to inquire why your child is absent and to remind you to send in a note when your child returns to school.

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School health services are those activities directly concerned with the present health status of the school child. Complete evaluation of each child's health includes: health assessments and observations by those closely concerned with the child; screening of vision and hearing by the school nurse; weighing and measuring and inspection for cleanliness. Each student new to the district, and every child enrolled in grade 3 must have a recent health examination. Either a school physician or family doctor can perform this examination.

Chronic illness
The office needs to know of chronic illnesses such as asthma, rheumatic fever, diabetes, allergies, etc. We need definite written instructions on file should an emergency arise.

Illness at school
You will be called if your child becomes ill at school. A neighbor or friend's phone number must be listed with our office on the emergency card. Please keep this information updated. We must be able to reach parents at all times.

Under no circumstances may a student be permitted to self-administer medicine. Only medication prescribed by a physician may be administered in school by a school nurse, per physician's written instructions. These medications must be delivered to the Nurse's Office by an adult; please do not send medications with your child. School personnel cannot administer over-the-counter drugs in school.

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Responsibility for students using buses rests with parents until students actually board the bus or exit the bus at end of day.

Students should:

  • Be on time.
  • Behave properly.
  • Sit in seat.
  • Obey driver and/or bus aide.
  • Acts of misconduct may lead to student's temporary suspension from all transportation privileges.

Acts not tolerated:

  • Pushing
  • Swearing
  • Rough conduct
  • Refusal to comply with instructions

Items not allowed on bus:

  • Animals, pets
  • Guns, knives (real or otherwise)
  • Glass objects
  • Large toys (baseball bats, sticks)
  • Skis
  • Fireworks of any kind (including caps)
  • Radios

Special Reminder to Parents:

  • No student will depart from bus en route.
  • A parental note is required for student to take a different bus or change a drop off destination.
  • No bus changes made via phone call.
  • A parental note is necessary when a child is to be picked up and does not take the bus home.

Bus changes
Bus notes are REQUIRED of children who wish to ride on a school bus other than their assigned route to and from school. Parents are required to send a signed note to school which states the date, the name of the child for whom the change is requested, the name (and/or address) of the alternate location requested, and the school bus route, if known. Student then presents the bus note to the driver.

For the safety of students, changes made by phone will not be honored.

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Bus discipline
Occasionally students will be involved in behavioral incident on our school buses. Bus discipline procedures will be carried out as follows: bus driver's report bus safety discipline violations. Upon receipt of the first report, the principal speaks with the student and notifies the parent in writing. Upon a second incident, within 30 days, the student is suspended from riding the bus.

Any questions concerning bus problems, bus routes, stops, schedules, bus driver's conduct, etc. should be reported to both the Principal, 794-4240 and Transportation Supervisor, 794-8570.

(A note is required if your child is not to ride the bus. Without a note from a parent, your child will be placed on the bus as usual.

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You will receive an emergency card for each of your children on which you should list phone numbers of people to notify in the event your child may become ill or injured during the school hours. In the best interest of your child, we urge you to complete and return these cards promptly each year. Any change of a student's personal status should be reported to the school office in advance, including: moving (within or out of the district), telephone number change, name change (family or individual), and temporary residence change due to family emergency.

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School lunches are offered to children at a cost of $2.00, which includes milk. Breakfast is offered at $1.00. The children who bring their lunch from home may purchase milk for $.40. We require children to use the cafeteria in the manner for which it has been designated. Good table manners are expected as well as children being responsible for "picking up" when they are finished with their lunch. The lunch program is a privilege and service provided as a convenience for children.

Reduced and free lunch and breakfast information may be obtained in the school office. If a student forgets his/her money, lunch can be charged in the cafeteria. All lunch charges must be paid the next day.

Cafeteria expectations
We expect that students will follow these rules:

  • Remain seated while eating lunch.
  • Clean up your space and/or table.
  • All food is to be eaten in the cafeteria.
  • No throwing of food.
  • No visiting with children at other tables.

The classroom teacher schedules snack time. We encourage children to bring satisfying, nutritious snacks to school. Candy is not permitted. There are a variety of a la carte items available in our cafeteria. Students may not charge snack items.

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  • Climbing activities are restricted to designated climbing stations on the play equipment.
  • Running activities are restricted to the designated areas.
  • Running, chasing and tagging are not allowed on and/or near the play areas, swings or blacktop.
  • Students are expected to keep hands and feet to themselves.
  • Kicking, pushing, tripping, karate movements, stone and/or equipment throwing and play fighting are not permissible.
  • Students are expected to show respect to one another and to the playground monitors. Use of obscene/foul language, talking back and/or name-calling is prohibited.
  • Students must remain on the playground until the end of recess. At the end of recess all school equipment must be returned to its designated areas.
  • Students who violate playground rules will be assigned time-out, recess detention or in serious matters, suspension from school.

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Field trips within our school district and to nearby points of interest are scheduled by various classroom teachers throughout the school year. These trips are designed to supplement different aspects of the classroom curriculum and to introduce students to the resources of the community. Parents will receive notices of field trips in advance of the scheduled trip date and will be asked to sign a field trip permission form. Sometimes a small amount of money may be requested from each student to defray the costs. Permission slips and money must be turned over to the teacher before the day of the trip.

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All clothing found on the school grounds, regardless of its value, is placed in the lost and found in the school office. Money, jewelry, or any other articles of value are turned in to the office. Students may claim them after proper identification.

Common sense and consideration is the best guide in determining whether or not to bring personal possessions to school. The school administration and staff are not responsible for valuables which students bring to school. It is recommended that students leave all valuables at home.

All students clothing should have the child's name on it. This includes hats, gloves, sweaters, coats, knapsacks and boots.

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All visitors and parents are welcome and encouraged to visit the school. A parent should accompany all children not enrolled at K. L. Rutherford School. Stop by the school reception area or office to state the nature of your visit and receive a pass. A forgotten item (such as a lunch box) should be brought to the office where the child can pick it up. All parents coming into the school must report to the office to sign out their child and wait for him/her in the hallway outside the school office.

Parents should not disturb the teachers and students by going to the classrooms directly unless a visit has been prearranged with the teacher. We also ask that you drop off and pick up your children at the Multi-Purpose Room and not at the classroom doors.

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Students generally conduct themselves in a manner similar to the way in which they dress and groom. Any type of dress or grooming which is disruptive will not be permitted. The school assumes that parents will use good judgement with regard to proper school dress. Halter-tops, midriff blouses or shirts with spaghetti straps are not considered acceptable attire.

Shirts or any clothing with inappropriate slogans, ethnic or social slurs or the advertising of alcohol or cigarettes or substances, which are inappropriate for children, are not permitted. In warmer weather students may wear shorts to school. Baggy pants and the exposure of the underwear or the midsection of the body are not appropriate and will not be permitted. Short shorts are not acceptable. Sneakers must be worn for Physical Education Classes. Flip-flops are not recommended footwear for school.

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The K.L. Rutherford School curriculum is designed to stimulate creativity and to develop critical thinking. Opportunities are offered for individual and group projects, scientific experiments and field experiences. In addition to our academic program students participate in classes in media, art, music and physical education.

Parents and students are responsible for textbooks. Each book issued to your child must be covered. Additional books cannot be issued until payment is received for lost books.


Walkman, video games and other electronic equipment or toys are not allowed in school. These toys will be secured and a parent will have to claim them from the office.


Conferences are encouraged and welcomed by the faculty. Please send a note to the teacher to schedule a conference. Days in November and December have been designated as parent-teacher conference dates. Please remember that appointments must be made for parent conferences, to clear suspensions, and to conduct other school business.

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A delayed opening means all schedules will be delayed one or two hours. Bus pick-ups will be approximately one to two hours later than the scheduled pickup time. Delayed openings will be used in instances where road conditions are expected to improve and to give the various Highway Departments more time to clear and sand the roads. Children should not arrive at school before the scheduled time.


In the event of inclement weather or other emergencies the following radio and TV stations will broadcast delayed openings and early closing:

WALL - 1340 AM WSUL - 98.3 FM

WELV - 1730 AM WDRE - 99.3 FM

WDLC - 1490 AM WTSX - 96.7 FM

WGNY - 1220 AM WGNY - 103.1 FM

WVOS - 1240 AM or WVOS - 94.5 FM


Thunder 102 - 102 FM






If parents are concerned with the condition of the roads in their neighborhood, they are advised to use their own judgment about sending their children to school on that day.

Parents can also access school closing information on the homepage of the district website at, or by calling the School Closing Hotline at 845-796-5006 for a current recorded message.

Parents who have signed-up for the School News Notifier (SNN) service, will get closing and delay information emailed or texted to them directly (sign up for SNN on the district homepage of this website).

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The Rutherford School holds many drills throughout the school year. During these drills students learn to respond correctly and calmly to bus, civil defense, emergency preparedness and fire drills.


  • Come to school ready to work.
  • Finish your school work.
  • Respect yourself and others.
  • Wait your turn to speak in class.