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Parent Today e-Newsletter and Website

Your Tools, Your Terms, Your TimeParent Today

Parent Today is a free resource, consisting of an e-newsletter and a website, to help parents coach and encourage their children through four chapters of their education – early learners, elementary, middle years and high school.

Parent Today provides parents with the tools and information they need to be even more engaged in their children’s education. It is provided free of charge to families in Monticello Central School District, but subscribers must have Internet access and an email address.


The opt-in Parent Today email newsletter is delivered to subscribers twice a month. It features easy-to-read, blog-style posts with information about what matters most to families. Each bimonthly e-newsletter addresses important, age-appropriate topics and gives examples of easy-to-implement strategies. It also provides information to help families understand the dramatic changes taking place in school curriculum and public education.


Subscribers can also access the Parent Today website for ongoing information and support in dealing with the challenges of raising an educated child.

Relevant Issues for All Students

Parent Today provides content applicable to all grade levels, including pre-schoolers.

  • Early Learners: Explore how parents can help instill basic concepts and teach beginning problem solving - with a focus on activities that encourage skills development, knowledge, and ways of thinking and learning. Parent Today offers ideas for parents to encourage age-appropriate social development and school readiness.
  • Elementary School: During the elementary years, children are acquiring tools and skills that will aid them later in life. Parent Today looks at how parents can encourage better communication skills, decipher learning styles, instill study skills and address stress management. Parents can explore issues their children may face in school – both social and academic. Get tips on how to foster a love of learning through challenging times.
  • Middle Years: Tweens and early teens face a whole new set of challenges in middle school. As they move toward increased independence, they still need parental guidance and boundaries. Parent Today offers insight on helping children make the transition to middle school, dealing with sticky situations and understanding a child’s emotional development. By encouraging children to try new endeavors and encouraging a positive attitude toward education, parents can help ease the trip through middle school.
  • High School: As students prepare for life beyond high school, they need to build skills to help them become self-sufficient. Parent Today will focus on areas in which parents can encourage responsibility and decision making, instill values and foster independence. This includes tips on how parents can – and why they should – stay involved as their children move through the teen years.

Sign up for Parent Today

Monticello Central School District residents can access the Parent Today website and sign up to receive the free, opt-in e-newsletter. Begin by visiting the website at and then: 

  • In the top left corner, click on “Not a subscriber? Sign up now!” to create a new user profile. (Returning users can log in with their email address and password.)
  • Fill in all of the requested information, including your name and email address, on the "Member Sign-up" webpage and select a password.
  • When registering, you will be asked to enter a district identification number. Enter district ID 12701 for Monticello schools.
  • Once you create your profile, you will begin receiving bimonthly newsletters and have access to the Parent Today website.

Have questions? Visit the FAQ page.