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Academy Requirements

  • Grade 10 Apply to Academy
  • Grade 11 In addition to regular academic courses, a full year of Accounting and a full year of Financial Services/Business Economics are required.
  • Grade 12 In addition to regular academic courses, ½ credit in Entrepreneurship and ½ credit in Financial Decision Making are required plus at least one of the following:

    - SCCC Financial Accounting Class
    - SCCC Business Communications Class
    - SCCC Business Law I & II


Over the two-year period, students take courses in Accounting, Economics, Financial Services, Entrepreneurship, Financial Decision Making, Electronic Business Applications and Business Communications. These courses are taken in addition to the regular academic classes required by New York State for graduation. Students meet their 12th grade Economics requirement by taking Business Economics in 11th grade.


After successfully completing their junior year, students are eligible for a paid internship at a local business. Students receive school credit for successfully completing this experience.

College Credit

During their senior year, students are required to take at least one Sullivan County Community College course at a reduced rate. The courses are offered at our high school. Academy of Finance seniors have the potential of graduating with 13 college credits if they choose to take three (3) SCCC classes.

Community Service

Students are required to participate in community service activities that contribute to the economic development of our county.

Field Trips

Academy of Finance students have the opportunity to go on a variety of field trips. In the past, students have visited the New York Stock Exchange, the Federal Reserve, the Museum of Financial History, Citigroup’s Corporate Headquarters, Met Life Insurance and Baruch College’s Academy of Finance Student Conference.