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George L. Cooke Elementary School

Student Handbook

Field trips
General information
Busing information
Early dismissals
Health services information

Field Trips

Field trips within our school district and to nearby points of interest are scheduled by classroom teachers. These trips are designed to supplement the classroom curriculum and to introduce students to the resources in the community. Parents will receive notice of field trips in advance of the trip date and will be asked to sign a field trip permission form for each trip their child attends. A small amount of money may be requested from each student to defray the cost. Permission slips and money must be given to the teacher before the day of the trip.

General Information

School Hours: 9:15 a.m.-3:23 p.m.


Daily attendance is essential for all students. Please notify the school if your child will be absent for three or more days in a row. New York State law requires parents/guardians to send a written excuse that is dated and gives a specific reason for the absence.

School Conduct and Discipline

The Monticello School District believes that order and discipline are essential to an effective education. It also agrees that everyone in the school community must play a role in contributing to an orderly environment.

Guidelines to a Great School Environment

  1. We respect ourselves.
  2. We respect others.
  3. We respect other people's property.
  4. We show respect toward others with our language and actions.

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Busing Information

Bus Conduct

Students should:

  • Be on time.
  • Behave appropriately.
  • Sit in their seat.
  • Obey the driver and/or bus aide.

Acts of misconduct may lead to a student's temporary suspension from all transportation privileges.

Bus Changes

Bus notes are required when a change in bussing occurs. Parents are required to send a signed note to school that states the date, child's name, the name and address of the alternate location, and the school bus route, if known. A note from a parent/guardian is also required when a child is being picked up instead of not taking their regular bus home.

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Early Dismissals

Please make sure the school has updated information about where to send your child for early dismissals if this location is different from regular dismissals.

Health Services Information

Emergency Cards

An emergency card must be filled out for each child. List emergency phone numbers of people other than yourself to notify in cased your child become ill or injured. Complete and return these cards promptly each year. The school must be notified of changes of address, phone number, name (family or individual), and temporary residence due to family emergency. Parents and guardians are always called first.


An adult must deliver medication to the Nurse's Office. DO NOT send medications in with your child.
Prescription and over the counter medication needs a physician's written order, which must be on file with the nurse.
Forms are available from the nurse.

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