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Capital Improvement Project - Video Series - The Heart and the Hub

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Narrator: Board Member Scott Dorn

"Hi I'm Scott Dorn, graduate of the class of 1986 from Monticello High School and I'm going to tell you a little more about our upcoming bond act.

Because our high school hasn’t seen any significant renovations since it was built in the ‘60s, we’re educating in spaces that were built when color TV was still a novelty and the internet wasn’t even a remote concept.

Our technology and science classrooms are woefully outdated. Our auditorium lacks adequate seating and equipment. In theory, we have two gymnasiums, but only one is in use, as we had to take one out of commission due to flood damage. This isn’t enough space to meet all of the physical education needs of all of our students, let alone to use the space for community events. Likewise, our auditorium has all of the same seating, lighting, rooms and curtains as it did when it was constructed in the 60s. If a chair breaks, we can’t even repair it, because we can’t get the parts.

It’s hard to be inspired when you’re in dreary surroundings. Monticello High School’s corridors are dark, with the vast majority of areas having absolutely no natural lighting, which increases our energy costs. Our lockers in some areas are built like separate corridors. There are precious few spaces for our students to gather to collaborate, and our spaces and places aren’t designed to be the hub of the community.
Under the proposed capital improvement plan, the high school will undergo major changes . All science and technology rooms will be completely overhauled and redesigned to increase space, enable student and teacher collaboration and support best practices for 21st century learning.

“Broadway” will be a two-story atrium space to replace our current dark corridors with a more open, inviting and stimulating learning environment, complete with areas for student collaboration. The “Broadway” concept was intentionally designed to enable the school to become the true hub of the community. The library, competition gymnasium, auxiliary gymnasium and theater will all be located off of Broadway and the concept is flexible enough that Broadway can remain open while sealing the rest of the school. So, in other words, we could host community events in any of these spaces, while restricting access to the areas where our students are learning , keeping our spaces available for community events while keeping our students safe.

The new theater will replace our current auditorium and it will be a legitimate theater with all the modern amenities, including a green room, dressing room, area for props, sound booth, lights and acoustics. The new wellness center/gymnasium, which will replace the currently out-of-commission-due-to-flooding gym, will feature an auxillary gym for practice and school physical education classes, a competition gym which will be where school sporting events take place, and a wellness center that will include work out equipment and studios for dance and yoga classes. The new library will be built with the flexibility to adapt as technology evolves.

All of these areas will also handicapped-accessibile so that ALL of our community can enjoy events at our schools – if the proposed project passes, we hope that the Monticello High School campus will become the true hub of the community."