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Capital Improvement Project - Video Series - Parking and Transportation

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Narrator: Board Member Lori Orestano-James

"Hi my name is Lori Orestano-James and I am a member of the Monticello Central School District Board of Education and a proud graduate of the class of 1981.

We have a problem at our main campus when it comes to parking and traffic. If you’d like to see this problem in action, I invite you to drive in the vicinity of the main campus on any weekday around 7:15 a.m. – school buses, and cars driven by both parents and children are competing for space and are coming from all different directions to enter our school.

The first thing you see as you approach the campus from downtown Monticello is our dilapidated transportation center, which also shares a main entrance with the high school. Our campus looks like a transportation center with a school attached instead of a school with a transportation center attached. Buses are arriving and departing from the transportation center throughout the morning hours, causing even more of a traffic jam.

One of the first projects you can expect to see happen under the proposed capital improvement plan is a complete reconfiguration of our traffic and parking configuration as well as a new transportation center. Our current transportation center has fallen into significant disrepair, with structural issues throughout the building. Under the proposed plan, the current transportation center will be demolished and a new one will be built behind the middle school. There will be a one-way parking loop to facilitate an orderly and safe drop-off and pick-up process at all three schools in the main campus, with separate areas for buses and passenger cars.

This shift would allow there to be more green space throughout, including tennis courts, which will be constructed in the area where our current transportation center is housed. There will also be more green space in between the parking lots and the actual school buildings – which will be a vast visual improvement over the view many of our students currently see when they look out the window.

And although green space is certainly a more inspiring and relaxing visual for our students, the change isn’t simply aesthetic. Currently, our high school essentially sits at the bottom of a bowl and has suffered immense flood damage from water collecting and stagnating at the bottom over the years. These renovations to the parking lot will also alleviate our flooding issues as the grade, or incline of the areas surrounding the school will include storm water management systems such as catch basins, drainage areas and other water retention areas. The center of the parking loop could become a pond, which would not only collect rainwater, but also serve as an outdoor science classroom for our budding ecologists.

These changes will help facilitate a safe and less congested morning and after noon drop off/pick up experience, eradicate all of our structural problems at the transportation center, create a more aesthetically pleasing entrance, make our main campus into a park-like setting, and will solve the massive flooding issues that we currently have at our high school."