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Board Agenda for July 07, 2009; Reorganization Meeting


Reorganization Meeting RJK Middle School
July 7, 2009
7:00 P.M. Reorganization Meeting
Regular Meeting to follow


A. Superintendent swears in District Clerk

Roll Call

Appointment of Chairperson – Mary Ryan Buchholz, District Clerk

Pledge to Flag

Administration of Oath to newly elected Board members, Robert Kunis, Jo-Ann Peabody

Election of President and Vice President

Administration of Oath to President and Vice President, by Mary Ryan Buchholz, District Clerk

District Clerk will administer Oath of office to Claims Auditor, Treasurer and Tax Collector within 30 days of appointment date

Election of Delegate and Alternate for Sullivan County School Boards Association

Appointments and Designations
Clerk of the Board - Mary Ryan Buchholz
District Treasurer - Dawn Loechner
Claims Auditor – Kim Rock, Maureen Stancage
Tax Collector - Merle Friedlander
Central Treasurer of Extra classroom Activity Fund: Middle School – William Reed Jr.
High School - Nancy Swaine & Sue Bahrenburg
Records Management Officer – Gladys P. Baxter
Record Access Officer - Gladys P. Baxter
Asbestos Designee - John Travis
Attendance Officers - Michael Decker, Debra Heins
Census Enumerator - Cathy Travis
Independent Auditor – Cooper, Niemann & Co., LLP
Internal Auditor – Knack, Pavloff & Company, LLP
School Attorneys - General Counsel Service: Baum & Baum
School Attorneys - Labor Relations & General Counsel - Donoghue, Thomas, Auslander & Drohan
Title IX and Title VII Officers – Kathleen Pagano-Fuller or Gladys P. Baxter
Section 504 Compliance Officer - Kathleen Pagano-Fuller
Residence Officers – Kathleen Pagano-Fuller or Gladys P. Baxter
School Physicians - Chief School Physician - Dr. Amarjit S. Gill
High School - Dr. Amarjit S. Gill
Middle School - Dr. Amarjit S. Gill
Rutherford School - Dr. Imran Ahmed
Cooke School - Dr. Imran Ahmed
Duggan School - Dr. Imran Ahmed
Chase School - Dr. Dhirajlal Shah
Hebrew Day School - Dr. Abraham Garfinkel
Transportation Dept. - Partners in Safety
Fee basis for all physicians

Purchasing Agent - Gladys P. Baxter
(With authorization of Purchasing Agent, Superintendent of Schools may sign purchase orders in her absence.)
Payroll Certification - Gladys P. Baxter

Designation of Depositories:
Key Bank of Monticello
M & T Bank for capital construction
J.P. Morgan Chase Bank - Monticello
All Funds including Federal Depositories for Income Tax and Trust & Agency Fund, Bond & Interests Account

Designation of Institutions for Investment Purposes:
J.P. Morgan Chase Bank - Monticello
Key Bank - Monticello
M & T Bank – Monticello
Bank of Jeff - Monticello

Authorization of Surety Bonds: District Treasurer - $ 2,000,000
Tax Collector - $ 2,000,000
Claims Auditor - $ 100,000
Business Official - $ 2,000,000

Designation of Official Newspaper:
Times Herald Record - Middletown

Mileage Reimbursement Rate for employees not covered by contracts - IRS rate that is in effect July 1, 2009: $.55

Petty Cash Accounts:
Business Office - Gladys Baxter - $100
Bus Garage - Transportation Supervisor - Martin Gershowitz - $100
Pupil Personnel Services – Edward Escobar - $50
Cafeteria School Lunch Manager – Debra Donleavy - $100
High School - Arleene Siegel - $100
Middle School - Deborah Wood - $100
Rutherford School - Kimberly Patterson - $50
Cooke School – Sandra Johnson-Fields - $50
Duggan School - Patti Sonnenschein - $50
Chase School - Susan Gottlieb - $50

To authorize Board members to attend conferences, conventions and workshops at District expense and to authorize the Superintendent of Schools or his designee to approve conference requests, and expenses, of staff members as per General Municipal Law 77.b.

Authorize the Superintendent of Schools, or designee, to make budget transfers between line item accounts, so long as the transfer for any one item does not exceed $5,000 for individual transaction and up to $15,000 for cumulative transactions as authorized in Board Policy number 6150.

To authorize the Treasurer and in the Treasurer's absence, the Business Official, to make payment of District funds by use of the facsimile signature and use of a check-signing machine as per Ed. Law 1720, and 2523.

To readopt all Board Policies and Code of Ethics that were in effect during the previous year.

To readopt terms and conditions of employment agreements for:
Gladys P. Baxter, Assistant Superintendent for Business

To readopt terms and conditions of employment agreements for:
Kathleen Pagano-Fuller- Assistant Superintendent for Student Learning

To appoint Acting Principals of High School and Middle School as follows:
Mark Sutherland: Acting High School Principal in the Absence of Arleene Siegel
Virginia Morse: Acting High School Principal in the Absence of Arleene Siegel and Mark Sutherland
Jason Doyle: Acting Middle School Principal in the Absence of Deborah Wood
Gregg D’Ambrosio: Acting Middle School Principal in the Absence of Deborah Wood and Jason Doyle
John Correa: Acting K.L. Rutherford School Principal in the Absence of Kim Patterson

To appoint Edward Escobar, Pupil Personnel Services Director, Karen Simon, Assistant Pupil Personnel Services Director, and Shari Biro, Administrative Assistant, as administrator with authority to suspend students attending BOCES.

To establish the first and third Thursday of each month as the regular business meetings of the Board of Education.