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Capital Improvement Project - Enrollment and Grade Restructuring

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Narrator: Board President Stacey Sharoff

"As part of the capital improvement plan, the district’s current grade structure will shift. Elementary schools will serve Pre-Kindergarten through Grade 6, and our secondary schools will shift to a junior high school/senior high school model. Students in Grades 7 – 9 will attend Robert J. Kaiser Junior High School and students in Grades 10 – 12 will attend Monticello High School.

The planned restructuring of our grades will send 300-400 students into our elementary schools, with pre-kindergarten and sixth-grade students returning to our elementary buildings.

Currently, all pre-kindergarten students in the MCSD attend school at an off-site location. In a district the geographical size of Monticello, this can create a hardship for some parents. In some cases, this limitation causes parents to choose to not enroll their children in pre-kindergarten. We would like to add a pre-kindergarten program at each elementary school so that our youngest students have the opportunity to develop a strong foundation for academic success in close proximity to their home.

In addition, we want to free up spaces and places for 21st –century learning at our secondary schools while maintaining a footprint on our main campus. Therefore, the district will shift to a junior/senior high school model, with junior high school serving students in grades 7 – 9 and senior high school serving grades 10-12.

Our current three elementary schools are at capacity. Expanding the community school options and reopening Duggan will make our district more desirable to potential new residents and will also enable the district to serve both the “new” elementary school students, created as a result of grade restructuring as well as the children of new residents."