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red arrow bulletSummer School 2015 - Information will be updated in spring 2015

Classes will be held at the Monticello High School Campus and Robert J. Kaiser Middle School

45 Breakey Ave., Monticello, NY 12701  l Phone: 845-796-3058  l Fax: 845-796-3096


Principals: TBD

Important Dates

Daily Schedule

Period 1 – 8-10 a.m.

Period 2- 10:03-12:03 p.m.

Period 3- 12:06-2:06 p.m.

Summer School Registration

Registration for summer school takes place in the RJK Middle School Cafeteria as follows:

  • SUMMER SCHOOL WILL NOT BE OFFERED TO OUT OF DISTRICT STUDENTS, however out of district students can register for regents exams.

In order to assure correct processing, the following information is needed at registration:
home address and telephone number, local address and telephone number, home school address telephone and fax numbers, emergency name and contact number.

  • Regents or RCT Exam Students: Students registering for exams must do so in person and have valid photo identification.
    REGISTRATION FEE: $50 per Regents or RCT Examination
  • Students registering for exams must do so in person and have positive photo identification.
  • Students must present a letter from their home school detailing the Regents exam they need to take, signed by the principal of their home school.
  • For more info, please contact the Summer School Office at (845) 796-3058, ext. 20920 during registration days or call your Guidance Counselor.

Tentative Course Offerings:

Grades 6-12

Grades 6, 7, 8, Algebra; Geometry 

Science 6, 7, 8, Living Environment, Earth Science

Grade 6, 7, 8; Global Studies 9, 10; Participation in Government (PIG);  Economics; American History; Economics

Grades 9-12

Important Information:

  • There are 22 days of instruction during summer school. Students are expected to be on time for class each and everyday in order to complete the required work and receive credit. THERE WILL BE CLASSES ON TBD.
  • High school students will need 42 hours of instruction to receive course credit. Any student who misses a class will need to make it up or risk not getting course credit.
  • Three late arrivals to class (arriving within the first 15 minutes) = one absence.
  • Lateness of 15 minutes or more = one absence
  • Smoking, drinking, possession/use of drugs/alcohol, fighting, harassing others and misbehaving on school property will not be tolerated. Violators will be dealt with by school administrators and, when appropriate, by the police. Violators may be dismissed from summer school as a consequence of repeated or serious rule violations. Three referrals can equal dismissal.
  • You must provide your own transportation to summer school.
  • No student may take more than three (3) classes.

General Rules:

  • Students MUST report to the room in which they were assigned. Students may not go to other rooms to complete their assignments.

  • Students are expected to come to school on time and stay for the entire class period. Students should not be wandering around the building or leaving early.

  • Appropriate dress for school is required. Please refer to the District Code of Conduct regarding dress code.

  • NO visitors (including siblings) are permitted in summer school at any time.

  • Grade reports (i.e. transcripts) are sent to the student’s home and to the student’s home school. We do not provide any such information over the telephone.