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Scholarship opportunities for seniors

We are very proud of the accomplishments of our students and feel fortunate to live in a community which embraces and rewards our students' achievements and are grateful for the community organizations and private donors for their generosity.


Over the course of the academic year scholarships become available to our students. Some are local, some are regional and some are national. Each scholarship has its own specific criteria and procedure for applying. Scholarship information can be obtained by contacting any one of the guidance counselors.

All scholarships are posted on the website scholarship page. In addition, the Monticello High School Guidance Department is utilizing a remind text/e-mail service. Click here to sign up for the scholarship remind text and e-mail service.

Students can obtain scholarship applications from a guidance counselor or download them from the website below. It is important to follow the directions stated on the application. Some require students to submit them directly to the sponsor while others require that the application is submitted to the guidance office.

Due dates are firm and must be adhered to. Often the date due to the guidance office is different from the due date listed on the application. This is because guidance personnel need time to collect recommendations, transcripts and other required information.

March through May are the primary months for scholarship applications. It is suggested that the students have their scholarship letters of recommendation and resumes on file in their guidance counselor’s office prior to March 1 to expedite the processing of scholarship applications.

It is strongly recommended that scholarship recipients show their appreciation by sending a note of thanks to the donors.

Scholarship Offerings 2017-18

Please click on the links below for scholarship applications. Scholarships are separated by month and are based on application deadlines. Consider saving this page in your browser and visiting often, as new scholarships are routinely added.

May 11 - Sullivan Striders Running and Walking Club: Must be graduating from a Sullivan County High School. The student must be participating in their schools’ indoor/outdoor running program and/or cross country running program as a senior and have participated for 2 or more years. Race walkers will also be considered. More information or download application.

May 16 - Sullivan County Teachers’ Council: To be eligible, the student must be a child of the faculty locals affiliated with the Council and a graduating senior for 2018. Additionally applicants should have a GPA of 85 or above and be pursuing a career in education, international studies, or labor relations.

May 16 - Mamakating Knights of Columbus Scholarship: Eligible award recipients should be a resident of the town of Mamakating AND/OR an active member or child of and active member of one of the two Catholic parishes served by our council. Recipients should also demonstrate financial need, dedication to community service and academics.

May 17 - Rock Hill Volunteer Ambulance Corps Pearl Dumont Memorial Scholarship: Open to all graduates in good standing at Monticello High School. Students should be involved in volunteer work for their community and should be planning on attending college to pursue a career in any healthcare related field.

May 18 - Gene Smith Memorial Peacemaker Scholarship: Open to all Seniors and Early Graduates who plan on attending a 2 or 4 year college or university.

May 18 - Edward M. Maier Memorial Post 4947 Scholarship Honoring Edward and Gladys Maier: Open to all Seniors and Early Graduates who plan on continuing their education at a two or four-year college or university.

May 23 - Nelson S. Hall Memorial Scholarship: Open to all seniors and early graduates who plans on continuing their education in either music or theater.

May 25 - The Sullivan County Chamber of Commerce Foundation High School Scholarship Program: Open to all seniors and early graduates who reside in Sullivan County and plan to study at Sullivan County Community College.

May 29 Sullivan County Sheriff’s PBA Debra Hall Memorial Scholarship
Open to all seniors and early graduates who plan on pursuing a career in the field of Veterinarian Science or something associated with Animal Services.

May 29 - Sullivan County Sheriff's PBA Robert Chemerys Memorial Scholarship - Open to all seniors and early graduates who plan on pursuing a career in the field of criminal justice or any police related field.


June 14 - The Abbot and Fenner Scholarship Program: Open to all juniors, seniors and current college students.



Oct. 6 - AES Engineers Scholarship: This award is available to all students, regardless of their field of study. To be eligible the student needs to answer one of the essay questions that they will find on the website