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Capital Improvement Project FAQs

If your question is not answered below, please email your inquiry to All questions will be answered within 3-5 business days and the responses will also be posted online.

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It is clear from the letter that the Phase I only vote will be in December 2017. Is there an anticipated date/year for the Phase II vote?

Both phases will be voted on in December of 2017. If the project is approved in December, voters will have given their approval of a $100 million project. Approximately $50 million of that will be bonded (loan taken out) in 2019 in the first phase and the second phase will not be bonded (loan taken out) until approximately 2024.

It appears that the major part of the renovations are in Part I. How do both phases appear to be of equal cost?

Phase I will include: extensive renovations to the high school, necessary repairs and upgrades to the middle school, and emergency repairs to our occupied elementary schools. The largest portion of Phase I funds are geared toward the gut renovation to the high school. Phase II allows for funding to reopen the Duggan School, and substantial upgrades to all elementary buildings, including Duggan. In this phase, the bond is divided amongst four schools, with all of them receiving large scale overhaul. In Phase I, the majority of funds goes to the high school with a smaller allocation for necessary repair and upgrades at the middle and elementary schools. Phase I will also include the tennis courts, and the shifting of the transportation center, which has fallen into significant disrepair.

Is it safe to assume that the "finalized plan of action" will include in detail what changes and renovations are to be expected?

Even though plans are not finalized as of yet, more specific and final plans will be given to the public prior to the vote. Please continue to keep an eye on our website for the most up to date information and please don't hesitate to reach out to

What happens if the bond is voted down?

There are a couple of options the Board of Education can take if the Bond Referendum is voted down. The Board can choose to put the Bond Referendum up for a second vote with no modifications or they can choose to modify the Referendum and ask the public to vote on the new proposal. The timeline to replace the debt service payment that is maturing in 2019 with a new debt service payment and not lose state aid or impact the tax cap becomes harder to achieve. A third option is to not do any capital improvements, but our facilities are in need of serious repairs and the State Education Department doesn’t approve multiple “emergency” projects if the facilities are not maintained with appropriate capital improvements. It is like if you buy a car and don’t ever change the oil, you can’t expect the warranty to cover the replacement of a new motor because the vehicle wasn’t properly maintained. The architects from Clark Patterson Lee did an intense review of our buildings and we are in need of serious repairs. The facilities committee reviewed the costs to repair our facilities with no improvements and the cost to make improvements. The cost to make improvements and make Monticello CSD the “shining star” of the county, was similar to the repair-only costs. It is our hope that the community sees the benefits to the students and the long term health of our school and community.